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A bow tie is like a neck tie but it is shaped like a bow as the name suggests. If you are sick of the same style of neck ties then bow ties are a good option for you. To hold together the neck area and collar of any dress wear, a neck piece helps a lot. Bow ties for men are a symbol of class and give your entire look a touch of glam. It comes in all types of fabrics and colors. If you are looking for bow ties in Nepal then you are at the right place. Kaymu has a wide variety of bow ties  and other men's accessories so pick and choose your favorite.

Different Types of Bow Ties

Before you buy a bow tie, it is better to know the different types and then decide which one you need. Firstly there are different types of bow ties for different occasions. For formal occasions, you can buy a classic black bow tie or white bow tie. For semi-formal settings, you can pick whatever color or pattern that goes with your entire suit. Silk bow ties look very good at semi-formal event. Pocket square bow ties look good for both the events.

There are different styles of bow ties which include; Pre-tied bow tie with an adjustable neck band, Pre-tied clip bow ties and lastly self- tied bow ties. The pre tied bow tie is has its bow already tied and it works best for men for do not wear bow ties occasionally. You just have to wear the neck piece and adjust it accordingly.

A bow tie with a pre-tied clip has a clip that can easily be adjusted and works best for young boys who are new to wearing bow ties. Also the clip helps the bow tie not to move. Lastly the self-tied bow ties as the name suggests are tied by the person who wants to wear it.

Bow ties come in different colors and patterns. It is all about personal style which helps one determine the design of the bow tie. From funky colors like golden, neon blue or hot pinks to more neutral colors like browns and greys. All are available here at Kaymu. Pick and choose your favorite color, design and pattern. Bow ties are a better substitute for neck ties.

Get Bow Ties at Amazing Price Deals

Kaymu is not only offering a wide variety of bow ties for men in Nepal but also offering the product at affordable prices. People can avail several discount offers which will give them the benefit of buying an expensive product at a reasonable rate. The company has a cash on delivery policy, so you do not have to worry about giving your credit card number or debit card number. The package will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. So shop away guys and add a little class and glam to your entire look by adding a bow tie.