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Books – the best friend

"Books are a uniquely portable magic". Certainly books take you to a magical world of knowledge where you forget about the real world and consider yourself a part of the story. Books are said to be the best friend a man can have since they never let you feel alone and always accompany you wherever you are. They are priceless because of the diverse knowledge they possess that cannot be evaluated with mere money. Book readers around the world always share this similar kind of aptitude that is developed after reading the books because they all are fascinated and influenced in a similar way from books. Books regardless of any genre tend to enhance our thinking abilities and also give us room to explore the world in different context. So, whatever books you like to read, you can get massive variety of those books in Nepal at various online stores and keep your spirit alive by indulging in the most aspiring activity.

Which genre of Books you prefer?

English Books in Nepal available online at Kaymu can be divided into various categories or genres-informative, fantasy, religious, horror/thriller, fiction, history, romance etc. Some people like to remain committed to only one types of books like fantasy stories that mostly include novels where you are portrayed a picture of imaginary world away from reality. Some people like to extend their choice from 1 to 2 genres or more like history and thriller or romance and fantasy.

Books are not limited to any particular demographics but they have the ability to engrave themselves in all sorts of societies. Books are the only source of entertainment that offers versatility to all people. They are liked by children, women, elders, and people from different walks of life. This is why many people prefer to read books as the best hobby to enlighten them.

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There are plenty of bookstores in Nepal but now it becomes difficult to search for a single book at every shop. Instead, the best way to shop for books is to buy books online and save your time. Kaymu Nepal gives you the opportunity to get your favorite Nepali books as well as course books with just few clicks and get them delivered at home.

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