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In the modern day, there have been many inventions made by people for the love of arts and entertainment. Some people opt to buy Dvds to enjoy watching. Others go for the latest gadgets to have fun. One form that people love to buy are Books.

A book is known to be of great interest to a large number of people. Some go for motivational books in Nepal to help themselves and to encourage themselves to achieve more in life. A few people buy poetry books in Nepal to learn more about literature and enhance their knowledge at the same time.

A large population of Nepal opt to go for Arts and entertainment books to have a good time. These provide knowledge along with giving you a good time. Consider Kaymu to be your online book store for all your requirements.

Comics and Cartoons Books

There is a famous notion that comics and cartoons book are only for children. It is true that children love to read these but a great number of adults also collect and enjoy these books. These can be termed to be under the science fiction books online category. In these, there are superheroes and villains who have to fight against each other to win. The famous characters in these include Superman, Batman, Ant Man, Daredevil and many other. Special characters for children include Archie, Snoopy and many others. They use a wide range of colors, designs and attractive graphics.

Limerick Books

These are rare to find in any books & Arts shop in Nepal due to their exclusivity. Limerick books use verses and rhymes to create poems that are highly funny in nature. Many times these are used to laugh at some situation or to generally have a good time. These are found with the most coveted Nepali literature online as well.

Story Books

This category has some of the most award winning books. Many famous authors are known to paint a beautiful picture with their words. Some of them come up with situations and characters that are out of their imagination while some of them mold their own incidents into a story to present to the world. These books take you into another world that you can love to read and enjoy. When you buy books online in Nepal in this category, always check the rating for these.

Art History Books

These books give you a detailed account of either some of the major art works of history or they tell you about the history of the artist. There is information given regarding the origin of the artwork, the reason for it, the materials used and a number of other things. When it comes to the artist, things such as their background, their style of art and education is given. The Art & entertainment prices in Nepal for these is slightly high as compared to others. Some books also describe the type of art work there is and how to construct it.