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A bicycle performs a number of features. For some, it is used as a means of transportation while others use it as an fitness machine. There are two types of bicycles present, i.e. the Road Bike and the Mountain Bike. Road Bikes are made for a smooth road and mountain bikes for rough terrains. Many a times, either one of the bikes needs a replacement of parts or an upgrade. These bicycle parts make the bike perform better.

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Brakes are one of the highly vital bicycle parts in Nepal. Most of the bikes are known to use caliper brakes which are in the shape of a horseshoe. This is used to hold the brake pads near the wheel rim. There are two sub types to it which are the dual-pivot one and the side-pull brakes. The dual-pivot ones are heavier than the side-pull ones but they provide more mechanical advantage. It is advised to always carry helmets with you when riding a bike in case there is any sort of accident that can take place and your brake does not work.

Seat and Seat Posts

Seats for bicycles are a necessity as you cannot sit on them without it. This is connected to the bike via the seat post. There are four parts to the seat which are the shells, the cover, the rail and the suspension. The shell creates the seat shape, the cover is the padding present on top, the rails connect the seat and the suspension dulls the vibrations.

Chain rings

When you have to buy bicycle parts online, always look at the chain rings. This is the part of the crankset in the bicycle frames that makes the chain transfer power from the pedal to the wheels of the bike. These have a symmetrical design and are made from materials such as aluminum, titanium and steel.


The handlebars on a bike can be straight or drop handles. The drop handles are in the shape of a perpendicular with a C-shaped curve present. The brakes are present in the middle of this.


The pedals are one of the most inexpensive ones in terms of bicycle parts prices in Nepal. The pedals have top clips or straps present on them which provide an extra level of support and power to the person. The pedal is attached to the main crank using threads of various sizes.        

Tubes and Tires

For mountain and racing bike parts, you always need to have the best quality tubes and tires. The tires of the road bikes tend to be thinner in comparison to ones for mountain and racing bikes along with having a smoother tread. There are special tubed tires available as well which have an inner tube that is made of latex.