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Safety is Important, Purchase Bicycle Helmets

Helmets are an integral wear for any rider, whether professional or casual. Even if your speed is low and you fall from bicycle, it can cause serious injuries. Number of deaths due to accidents are increasing day by day, and helmets can prevent 40-80% of chances of injuries.

Helmets Anatomy

Helmets are made up of EPS foam and a thin plastic shell. The shell is designed to help helmet fix on to your head and doesn’t move, even on a rough gravel pavement. This shell prevents neck jerking of the rider. The foam inside the shell is designed such that it will reduce the impact and peak of energy, making a cushion for your head. Bicycle helmets in Nepal are used by the people who ride, and that is why number of deaths caused by accidents are reducing very fast.

Riders can now buy bicycle helmets online from Kaymu, online shopping community which has best quality helmets which are needed for your safety.

Parts of Helmets

Other than the outer shell and the foam, there are more parts which makes up a helmet;


Many helmets has spots or vents which are at the top in order to enhance air flow. This help the rider stay cool and comfortable.


Significant element of a helmet. It is required to hold the helmet at this position intact. Straps vary in thickness and style this depends on the type of helmet you are buying or the purpose. Bicycle helmet online shopping can give you pictures about how a certain type will look.

Certification for Safety

Helmets are made with materials which are impact free and good quality. All the helmets are made in order to meet the set standards. While purchasing a new helmet, be aware of the type you want along with the quality. Keep in mind, that you need to read the instructions carefully.

Types of Helmets

There are four basic types and styles of cycles helmets available at Kaymu. These are; sports, BMX, Road and mountain. These four styles are customized to give a unique style or riding.

  • Sports Helmets are most popular type of helmets and are suitable for everyday use. These helmets are designed to meet your day to day riding. Modest in price and will provide sufficient protection.
  • Road Helmet is for road cycler and professionals. These are as light as possible which makes them suitable type for athletes. Extra care is necessary while using this material. These helmets are well ventilated and comfortable.
  • Mountain Bike Helmet offers the maximum amount of protection. It can be used on the roughest and most dangerous off road terrain. They are heavier and has thicker straps.
  • BMX Helmets are stronger and can provide more coverage. This also gives more protection on impact. They have extended coverage around the back side of head.

Bicycle helmat prices in Nepal are set low because of the increasing demand. These helmets are available online at Kaymu, on discounted rates.