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When paddling a bicycle, you may want to change its speed on different terrains. On a plain road, you can easily increase the speed while on a rough terrain or mountains, you will have to slow down the speed and use breaks quite often. This can all occur due to the gearing of a bicycle. There are multiple gears as well as gear ranges in a bicycle so that it is appropriate for people to ride a bicycle in any style they want to. The chainrings of a gear are attached to the crank for different speeds. Then there is a freewheel which contains clogs. The gearing system is thus quite complex but easy to use by amateurs as well as professional cyclists.

You can buy bicycle gears online from Kaymu which offers them in a huge variety. These gears powerful and durable and available in different sizes to be fit in different sizes of bicycles. Bicycle gear prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu so that these can be accessible to a large number of people, whether male or female.

Get the bicycle accessories in a variety

To enhance your experience of cycling, there are numerous accessories used when cycling. These accessories make sure that you ride safely and have an ultimate experience.

Bicycle gloves: Mostly fingerless, bicycle gloves are warm, comfortable, and ensure protection when you wear them. Mostly made of leather, these are stretchable and have durable stitching. They enable you to have a strong grip on the cycle when riding so that you can easily control the mountain bike. These gloves have a soft padding on the interior which allows a strong grip on the handle. Wearing these gloves avoid any hand injury or calluses.

Bicycle helmets:

It is extremely necessary to wear bicycle helmets when ride a bike or a cycle. These are designed in a way to protect your head and keep your vision intact in case of a fall. Therefore, they provide protection during an accident. They have a soft padding in the interior so that these helmets are easy and comfortable to wear. They also allow ample ventilation while riding. Wearing a helmet can also help you avoid extreme weather conditions from interfering when you are riding the vehicle.

Cycle clothing:

Those who pursue cycling professionally or as a sports activity, make sure that they fulfill all requirements of riding a bicycle. There is specialized cycling clothing that is worn by cyclist while riding. The clothes include a jersey and shorts. These are breathable and quite stretchable piece of clothing. They are not too loose to cause any inconvenience while riding.

Bicycle parts:

Separate bicycle parts are also available for the customers. Some may want to repair their cycle by replacing the damaged parts so they can choose from among different parts. Bicycle gears in Nepal are also available separately. Moreover you can also get handles, tyres, etc.

Other accessories: Safety strap, cycling shoes, and sunglasses are some of the major bicycle accessories which cannot be ignored while riding.