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Purchase all Types of Home Appliances by Beko at Kaymu

Beko is a Turkish company that manufactures and retails consumer electronics. The brand was founded in 1967 and since then aims at providing excellent quality and durable products to consumers. Beko products in Nepal are quite popular because there are several designs that you can get of different items. Also the prices of most of the products are quite reasonable. Kaymu offers shoppers with a massive collection of Beko products at affordable prices. There are a number discount deals that reduce Beko Appliances prices in Nepal. Purchase high quality Beko appliances under one roof at Kaymu!

Products Offered by Beko

There are a number of products by the brand which are offered here. Buy Beko appliances online without any problems at Kaymu and avail special discounts.

Laundry machines and dryers

The most bought and demanded Beko electronics are washing machines and dryers. Most of the laundry machines are electronic which washes clothes automatically. All you have to do is load the clothing items inside and set the timer. The machine will add water and detergent all by itself.

Refrigerators and Freezers

These are very popular Beko appliances because the quality is excellent. There are different types of freezers and refrigerators that shoppers can get according to their choice. You can select from standing and built-in ones in several sizes. The latest models have advanced features which are quite in demand these days’.


Out of all the Beko kitchen appliances, their dishwashers have gained the brand a lot of fame. There are a number of models that buyers can get which depend on their requirements. You can select the size and washing settings according to your choice. You can also select from built-in and standing ones which depends on the kitchen size.

Room air conditioners

When it comes to buying Beko home appliances, buyers can select from a wide variety from which air conditioners are the best sellers. There are several types of ACs that you can shop for online at Kaymu with shipping facilities.


Microwaves are of one the most used home appliance because of a number of reasons. These help reheat meals and other type of food items quickly. Instead of using the stove, you can heat everything in the microwave. There are several sizes of microwaves that shoppers can get according to their requirements. For instance, if you are a student living in a hostel then you can get a small sized one.


Buyers can get a wide variety of stoves by Beko online at Kaymu. Whether you are looking for an electric or gas stove, all are available for you here. Also you can select from standing ones and built-in stoves. Beko offers stove tops that use less electricity or gas which saves a lot of cost. Once you buy these, it is important to clean them every day so that they last for longer time periods. Purchase all your favorite appliances by Beko at Kaymu!