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Women adulate shoes, this means they can easily sacrifice many other things just to have nice pair of shoes. Footwear is essential for them as this stuff showcases person’s persona and hence demonstrates what taste the wearer has. This also shows how much the wearer is linked with fashion trends. Considering the variety of shoes, then there comes ballerinas for women. Stylish, glamorous and still decent, these properties define perfect ballerina shoes. They can be worn with simple jeans and t-shirts and can also adorn the body with assistance of skirts and tights.

Ballerina shoes for women also have variety. They are seen in beautiful patterns of sceneries and floral designs as well as in diverse hues like bright and light. This illustrates that they can suit all shades of dresses. Women of any age can wear them confidently.

Having ballerinas and flats in Nepal via physical marketplaces is somehow a mess. You have to face crowd and you hardly get the right option. There are many times when you have to negotiate quality with salesperson and go back home disappointedly. But if online portal called Kaymu is your ultimate selection, then lots of facilities like safe shipment and cash on delivery are on your way.

Prime features of ballerinas shoes for women

Before women’s ballerinas online shopping, there are some beautiful features that can be considered to get better idea and understand how they can aid in daily life.


Ballerina shoes do not have heels. These are also known to be ballet flats. The lack of heels makes them effortless for even adult women. Younger girls or kids can also wear them comfortably. Most college and university going ladies prefer this feature for depicting both style and decency. Although there are some new designs that have small rise because of a tiny exterior heel or slight wedge. This hardly goes up to 1.5 inches.

Upper part

The upper part is meant to hold the shoe to foot. The older versions comprised of soft leathered upper with elastic. But now there is variation including satin, leather, synthetics and vegan synthetics. The bead embellishments make them more magnificent and suitable for fancy occasions. The long ribbons and soft set of colors have made them more enticing for younger audience.


Outsole always has direct link with shoe’s durability. The sort of outsole defines the suitability of footwear for particular weather. Ballerinas have mostly three kinds of outsoles, leather, rubber and synthetic. Leather describes good quality ballerinas but this outsole is bit rare. Rubber on the other hand is bit lighter and proposes traction on silk surfaces. Synthetic outsoles are less flexible but are highly durable and found in both expensive and inexpensive ballerinas.


To buy ballerinas shoes online, there are some substantial styles to matter. One is the folding feature of outsole. This helps to enhance the portability. Another trait is pointed or somehow squared toes. The existence of large bows and crystals also add splendor.