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Online Shopping Guide for Badminton Rackets in Nepal

Badminton is a very energetic and fast-paced game, and we at Kaymu make sure that our badminton enthusiast customers get high-quality badminton products in Nepal at highly competitive prices. We are currently offering a large number of badminton accessories and rackets by different brands, including Vixen, Kawasaki, Kason, Apacs, Sunbatta and Carlton among many others. Making the right choice can be a cumbersome experience, however,and there are a few important points you must keep in mind before purchasing badminton rackets in Nepal. Read on to find out how you can make the best choice in badminton products!

Shape of the Racket

Your choice of badminton rackets will greatly be influenced by the type of game you normally play. For a more powerful game, you need to have an oval racket, while a square one has greater surface area than a conventional racket, which makes it ideal for beginner players. The Isometric Series by Yonex is a wise choice if you are looking for square head-shaped badminton rackets.

String Tension

The feel of strokes during a badminton game is determined by the kind of string attached with the racket. String tension has a significant impact on your overall game experience. If you are a hard hitter, badminton rackets with high-tension strings will work nicely for you, and vice versa. Beginners and novice badminton players should ideally go for strings with a lower tension, which is around 20lbs. As you become more experienced, you can adjust the string tension accordingly to 23-23lbs, or even 25lbs or higher.

Racket Grip

Getting a smaller or larger grip racket depends on what you are comfortable with. You would want a badminton racket that you can easily handle and manipulate for getting the right swing and accuracy. Other than that, you may also decide between a Towel grip and a Synthetic grip. The former is better for sweat absorption but needs to be changed more frequently, while the latter can last a long time without the need for changing. Check out our broad range of badminton rackets in Nepal with varying grips and make the right choice by ordering today!

Shuttle Cocks and Badminton Bags

Although rackets are the main piece of badminton equipment you need for a game, there are other badminton accessories that are equally important and can transform the quality of your game altogether. These accessories include shuttle cocks and racket bags, all of which you can easily get from Kaymu. Racket bags are vital for protecting and carrying your badminton rackets with you anywhere, and it is advisable to get a bag at the same time you are purchasing the racket and shuttle cocks.

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Get badminton products in Nepal delivered anywhere simply through a few clicks on your PC or mobile device. You can browse through the latest badminton products and compare different popular brands like Kawasaki, Yonex, Vixen, Carlton, Apacs, Sunbatta and Kason etc. by reading product descriptions, seller ratings as well as customer feedback. Because at Kaymu, it's all about making your life easier and better!