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There is a time in every person's life where they need to purchase a bag & luggage. Whether parents are getting backpacks for their children or for a hiking trip. There are different choices in the store which can be overwhelming. There are a number of backpacks in Nepal from which buyers can choose from. Getting the right one matters a lot because it will determine the overall durability. Kaymu offers buyers with a massive collection of backpacks online. There are a number of discount deals that reduce the overall backpack prices in Nepal.

Guide for Purchasing Backpacks

There are a number of features that shoppers must keep in mind before getting a backpack. There are different types of backpacks that buyers can get that include;

Hiking backpacks

A hiking backpack is the most commonly bought and used one these days’. People who like to travel and go on hiking or camping trips require this backpack. These are much complex than regular backpacks. Hiking backpacks have special interior and exterior which makes them extremely durable. Since a person has to store clothing items, shoes, food, tent and blankets, this bag is usually bigger in size.

Travel backpacks

A travel backpack is commonly used for travelling purposes. There are different sizes of these backpacks that shoppers can purchase according to their choice. These work well for people who travel alone and do not carry much luggage with them. Shoppers can also purchase wheeled backpacks for travelling which are easier to carry on a trip.

Backpacks for children

Shoppers can select from a massive collection of backpacks for kids which are usually smaller in size. There are thousands of colors and shapes of these backpacks that buyers can choose from. Usually children use these at school but they can also use these while travelling as well. Kaymu offers fun and exciting designs of backpacks for girls and boys of all ages.


There are different pockets in backpacks which the shoppers can select according to their requirements. For instance, a school backpack has one pocket in which you can store all your things and 2 smaller pockets. Hiking and travelling backpacks have a number of pockets which vary in size. Shoppers can easily select the number of pockets they need for themselves.

Size of the backpack

There are different sizes of backpacks that shoppers can purchase. The size of the bag is determined by the length and the capacity. Depending on how many nights you are spending at a trip, you can determine the capacity and length. Capacity means how much belongings you can store in one backpack.

Other features

There are several other features of backpacks that shoppers can take into account. A number of bags have padding on the exterior that makes carrying them easier. A number of hiking and travelling backpacks have a sleep bag compartment and removable daypacks. Shoppers can easily get such backpacks online at Kaymu. Whichever products you choose to buy will be delivered to you anywhere in Nepal which makes online shopping for backpacks convenient.