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The air conditioners have undoubtedly made life easy especially for people living at places with warm climatic conditions. If we have a look at the past, we'll find out that people made use of many different methods for keeping their indoors cool. The hanging wet reed mats, the indoor fountains, the channels of running water, the use of ice with air blowers and what not was used for keeping indoor environments livable during warm weather conditions. Then came the revolutionary air-conditioning technology. This completely changed the way indoors were made cool. Today we find a massive variety of air conditioners in Nepal, each suitable for a different setting. There are huge units for central air-conditioning as well as portable air conditioners for keeping a room cool while providing portability. Kaymu Nepal being the largest online marketplace for air conditioners in the country offers the best air conditioners prices in Nepal to help you making the right choice.

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Types of Air Conditioners Available at Kaymu

There are many different types of air conditioners, each suitable for a different setting. Some are good for homes whereas others are made specifically for offices. The major types of air conditioners in Nepal include:

Split Air Conditioners

The split air conditioning units are the most popular ones and are highly preferred by people for homes as well as for offices. They are noiseless air conditioners that highly effective too. As the name suggests, the split air conditioning units come in two pieces, there is an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains the electric circuit, controls, remote sensor and the air blower whereas the outdoor unit comprises compressor and all the mechanical parts. The indoor unit is installed on the wall whereas outdoor is placed outside. The biggest advantage of a split air conditioner is that it can be installed in rooms are not next to outdoors.

Window Air Conditioners

Although the window air conditioners have become an older technology in the modern day yet they have a small fan following in Nepal. In fact they are one of the popular air coolers in Nepal. The window air conditioners offer strong air throw and high cooling. They are best choice for cooling single rooms. The only limitation of window air conditioning units is that they can only be installed on walls that have outdoors on the other side. Besides, they are a bit noisier than the split ACs.

Central Air Conditioners

The central air conditioners are made for commercial usage at a large scale. These units are installed in large buildings and offer central air-conditioning. These are far more expensive than any other air conditioning units and are suitable only for large-scale companies. The central air conditioning units are available at Kaymu at highly competent prices.

Portable Air Conditioners

The portable air conditioners, as the name suggests, are movable ACs that provide ease of using them in different rooms at different times. They do not require to be fixed on the walls. If you are looking for portability and are looking for price of AC in Nepal, the portable air conditioners are your best choice!

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