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What is Kaymu?

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Kaymu is a website platform that connects buyers and sellers from all over Nepal and facilitates smooth transactions. Kaymu Nepal is registered as a "computer software industry" undertaking various activities including website development in Nepal. Kaymu provides sellers web design and development services to list their products in its platform and gives you the option to choose when, where and with whom you want to do online shopping. With Kaymu's platform, you can do shopping staying at your home. promotes that the sellers provide best prices and the savings are passed on to you. Kaymu's clients include top quality brands as well as local products who bring you a plethora of products from all over Nepal for the entire family at the lowest prices.

About Us

How to Buy

Kaymu ensures that online shopping from its various sellers is fun, interactive and easy. It allows you to shop for electronics, clothes, watches, and much more at the best available prices from different sellers across Nepal. It also lets you look for a seller close to you. Kaymu Nepal encourages its clients to post the best deals and promotions from all over Nepal for products from various categories. Be it a casual t-shirt, pair of formal shoes, or a mobile phone, log on to to find your size in all colors and styles. Collections in Kaymu's platform are versatile and unique and have products for everyone in the family.

How to Sell

Kaymu lets you put up your products on its website for people all over Nepal. Kaymu will list such products as a separate web page in the website. You can also choose payment and shipping methods for your merchandise. Simply register online at, put up your products for sale directly to people from all over Nepal and prepare yourself for loads of new orders through